Common Employment Terms in Denmark

Most of the time, you’ll find your employment contract terms to be made based on several collective agreements. You may also be able to negotiate separate terms for yourself.

In Denmark, employment contract terms are often based on certain collective agreements or overenskomster. These are prepared by key players in Denmark’s labor market, namely employer associations and trade unions.

However, there are several jobs available in Denmark whose employment terms aren’t covered under these collective agreements. When this is the case, employees possess contract freedom that gives them the ability to influence, negotiate and form their contract terms with their employers directly.

The Denmark Model

In case your position’s regulated by collective agreements, you need not be concerned about negotiating several general terms such as minimum salary, working hours and notice periods. These terms happen to be already discussed, protected & maintained by authorized players in labor markets.

The term ‘Danish Model’ is used to refer to this method of labor market regulation. This system is truly unique. This model allows for flexicurity, meaning assured security and flexibility, for employees working throughout the country.